cloud-syncI’ve using Microsoft Outlook since the 90s and a critical component of my daily workflow was an easy wireless way to sync desktop and phone for contacts and calendar. The magic was accomplished then by Nokia Suite through bluetooth.
When modern smartphones became a thing, a new component («the cloud») was needed in the mix. So I used Google Calendar Sync and a little great desktop app called Go Contact Sync Mod to have Outlook-Cloud-Phone two-way wireless sync nirvana: my contacts, appointments and notes were available to me in my desktop, phone or cloud in perfect harmony (see previous related post).
But the Microsoft-Google fight has gotten in the way of my sync heaven, first by stopping support for Exchange ActiveSync and then killing Google Calendar Sync.
Luckily, the wonderful guys of Go Contact Sync Mod came to the rescue by updating their app and providing 2-way sync (Outlook-Google) for Calendar, Contacts, Notes. Best of all, it’s free and opensource.
Finally, my workflow equilibrium has been restored.

Update (Aug-26-14): As a fan and avid listener of the Daily Tech News Show, hosted by Tom Merritt, I submitted Go Contact Sync Mod for the show section called Picks. He read my email and then discussed it with Molly Wood. You can listened to the whole episode here.

Or, if you just want the audio version of this post with Tom and Molly’s comments, listen to this:

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